Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The bedside Table

Hi guys, 

It's no secret that we, girls , love stacking up on beauty products and  keep them as close to us as possible a.k.a next to our bed! That's probably why there isn't much space for anything else besides beauty products ;-) . Here's what's on my bedside table his month! 

I always keep 1 scented candle and 1 room spray on my bedside table.

 Last month, when I was in NYC, I purchased the Bath&Body Works Caribbean Escape. I'm a real fan of fruity scents and this one smells like coconut and peach and it probably has some vanilla in it as well. I  bought 3 different ones of the room sprays and I paid only 5$ each. Little not to myself : Why didn't I buy more ???!!!! <3 p="">

The Diptique Violette candle has been part of my collection for quite a while now. I bought it at Senteurs d'Ailleurs in brussels last year and I'm being really careful not burning it too much because it was rather expensive and I want it to last :-)

This glass candle holder is from Ikea and I placed my DIY flower headband on top of it . 

On to the beauty stuff :-)

At the end of the day my hair always has the most extreme dry ends. This Klorane Grenade (granate apple) is like a daily moisturizer for my hair. I use it only before bedtime because it's more like a cream and during the day I use an oil for my ends. This no-rinse day creme keeps the color of your hair lively and protects it from UV light (which in my case is totally unnecessary since I only use it at night ;-) )

The Givenchy Mister Lash Booster has become part of my daily night routine. It's a fortifying serum for lashes. I have rather long eyelashes (thank you mommy) and I want to make them stronger ! 

Dermalogica Multivitamin power serum contains vitamins A, C and E which helps decrease fine lines and hyper pigmentation. It's like a good skin booster that has top ingredients for the skin and make your skin look healthy the next day. Since I've been ill, I needed something to bring back the glow to my skin. This one does wonders !

The Givenchy Smile'n Repair crème can be used both during day and night time. I like the fact that it's not too greasy, absorbs directly into the skin and can be used during both night and day . 

I also have the Givenchy Smile'n Repair serum which is one of those serums that isn't gel-like but has more of an watery texture which I like. I use it both during the day and night. 

Last but not least, my Vitamin E face mist from The Body Shop. This face mist contains rosewater and is great to refresh your face after cleaning it thoroughly and right before you apply your night creme. You can also use it to set your make up (which I like to use whenever I'm doing the make up for a bride) It also smells lovely (not a strong scent, but a rather subtile rose watery smell)

What's on your bedtime table ? Any suggestions for products I must try ? 


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