Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A day @ Schiphol Airport

with lovely model Anastasya who was super sweet!

A while back a fun invite landed in my mailbox. I was invited to discover SchipholAirport. You know how sometimes at certain airports you wish that you could have more time to browse through shops and discover fun facilities? Well, I could do just that @ Schiphol Airport (The Netherlands) .The tour was lifestyle oriented, which got me really excited!

First stop was the Privium ClubLounge.
 Schiphol is the first airport to have its own business lounge which isn’t linked to an airline company.  Members can use the Privium lounge regardless if they fly  economy or business class.  I find this such a great concept because  business men are flying economy more often  which doesn’t give them access to the business lounge from the airline companies, even non – business people who are frequent flyers book economy normally. Well, today they (and you) can be a member of the Privium program which allows them (you) to use the Privium ClubLounge! Goodbye to waiting in Line and hello to total-relax mode !
Some of the advantages of the Privium membership are fast border passage with iris scan, priority parking and an ultra-modern space to relax before your flight.

At the East Bar & Bites we were offered these delish Sushi treats and a glass of champagne. We were pampered ;-) ! I love how the interior is so not your typical airport bar. This bar could of easily have been placed somewhere on a beach of an exotic location. This really was a hidden quiet gem right in the center of a busy airport. All of the facilities open at the same time the first flight lands at Schiphol and closes after the last flight departs.  You could say that Schiphol is the airport that never sleeps ;-).

And then … Victoria Secret happened! This is the first Victoria Secret beauty shop that opened in Europe! I mean, need I say more???!!! Hello, it’s beauty, it’s pink, it’s Victoria Secret heavenJ . And Schiphol has not 1, but 2 VS beauty stores!!! Yes! 1 after boarder control and 1 where you can shop without an airline ticket! Lucky bastard as I am, I got to take a gigantic goodie bag back home with me! Want to know what’s inside my VS goodiebag ? Check my instagram (@fashionwise) !


Neuhaus offered us a taste of their fine Belgian pralines on our way to the next stop

One of the things I was really looking forward to – besides from visiting the Victoria Secret store, which is pointing out the obvious - was getting a feet peeling treatment by Garra Rufa fish at the ‘Back To Life’ Spa area! This was a first for me! I must say that it was really refreshing, a bit ticklish and bizar at the same time, but I loved every minute of it. Would I recommend this treatment: YES! Loved it!

Behind the scenes tour bus ride, where we discovered just how large Schiphol airport is!

When at Schiphol, you must make a quick stop @ Cupcake chic. This fun shop offers you tasty cupcakes. The packaging alone makes me want to buy a cupcake ;-). All cupcakes are handmade! You can also buy your wedding cake at their shop! Good to know? You don’t need an airline ticket in order to buy cupcakes at this cute shop!


Then it was time to leave Schipholl Airport and return home….
Thanks to Thalys we made it safely back home in just 1,5 hours !

Thank you Schiphol for an amazing day filled with fun activities and friendly people … until we meet again ;-)

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