Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Fake Tan Routine

Hi Everyone,
I thought it would be a good idea to show you my fake tan routine.  In summer I like to have a nice tan, but most of the time I’m stuck inside due to work :-( that’s why I like to use fake tan products.
During the years I’ve tried almost every fake tan product that is out there, I kid you not ;-) . I’ve had   my share of fake tan bloopers as well, you know : stains, orange hand palms, people making you aware of places you forgot, white clothing looking brown after a hot day, etc … the usual stuff that comes with fake tanning :-)
After all those years there are 2 thing that I’ve learned which are key with Fake Tanning :
1.       Fake Tan products ALWAYS smell! Trying to find 1 that doesn’t smell is like looking for a holy grail…
2.       It’s better to build up a fake tan over ceveral days , then to use a really really really dark fake tan thinking you will be a Bronze Godess overnight … been there , don that and guess what … it doesn’t work peeps !

So now on to my personal fake tanning routine: 

1/ make sure you scrub your body before applying fake tan. I like to use The Bodyshop –Vineyard Peach Body Scrub .
2/ apply a body lotion which isn’t too greasy. I find it helps a bit to avoid dry areas. Remember: dry areas absorb more of the fake tan product which causes stains … and ladies: that’s not how you want to end up looking ! ;-) I like to use ‘Strawberry Body Puree’ .

3/ Apply a fake tan product with color: it gives you an instant tan effect and helps you see which areas you’ve already put the product on. I like to use the ST.Tropez Bronzing Mousse, out of all the products I used/ tested, this 1 is my absolute favorite ! Ok it smells, but hardly as bad as those other fake tan products out there. I bought a special St.Tropez fake tan glove which helps you to divide the product better & prevents your hands from absorbing too much product. I even use this product for my face !
4/ after letting it dry, I use a scented body spray to cover up any Fake Tan smells. I like to use these from Victoria Secret which I blogged about in a previous blogpost. 

Let me know what your tanning routine is & which products you use below ! I'm always interested in discovering new products !! :-)

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