Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun on the water...

Hi Everyone, 

This past weekend I went to Limburg/Kuringen in Belgium for some fun on the water with this Bernico F1 racing boat from my family. I had a blast , it was so much fun :-) and oh, boy this thing goes fast (I 
almost lost my sunnies). 

I wore my Zara shorts and blouse combined with my H&M (sales) necklace. I also wore my bright pink Victoria Secret bikini top underneath my Blouse in case things got wet and wild :-) . The Revlon Fuchsia colored lipstick that I wore lasted for the entire day ! 

Do you want to see me drive this thing :-p ? ;-) well, I have a short video coming soon. 

Tomorrow I have a fun beauty post planned for you in which I will give you my view on some dry shampoo's and will also give you some tips because dry shampoo gives great texture & voluminizes the hair ;-) so stay tuned !


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  1. How fun! Loving the color combination, such a fun combo!

    Cee. ♥
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