Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meeting the lady behind Noiselle by EH

Last Weekend I went  to meet Ellen,  the lady behind the fab shoe brand : Noiselly By EH. If you’re a Belgian shoe-addict like me, you’ve probably already heard of Noiselle by EH. She designs comfortable quality high heels with a touch of glamour!

This lady is such an inspiration because she gave up her fulltime job to pursue her dream to be a shoe designer. Today this lovely lady is on the road to success. Her shoes are being sold in many stores here in Belgium and abroad. She has an online shop and a cosy store which I visited last week. This lady is an inspiration for many women. … Dare to follow your dreams!! The Noiselle by EH shoes are handmade . Quality and Comfort are key !

 I love high heels (especially since I’m so little…), but I never found a pair of high heels which I could wear all day long. You can imagine my excitement when she told me that her shoes are designed in such a way that they are easy to walk with all day long even for people who don’t wear high heels on daily base.

When I tried on the first pair of Noiselle’s I felt the difference between my left foot on which I was still wearing a high heel from H&M and my Right foot on which I was wearing a Noiselle heel from about the same height.  My foot with the Noiselle heel on felt more supported than my H&M heel.

She also has a high heeled shoe in her collection made for women who normally can’t walk with heels. The base of the heel is a bit wider which allows you to have more stability when walking. Of course I also had to try those and see if this was true ! Let me tell you  : for me (dare I say an experienced high heel wearing lady) it felt like I wasn’t wearing a high heel at all. Surprisingly comfortable! A little birdie also told me that a certain Belgian celeb bought these shoes because she normally can’t walk with heels and she now does all these great events with her Noiselle’s !

Noiselle by EH also does wedding shoes as they are supposed to be ! elegant , yet wearable all day long . The bow-tie heel is my favorite from the Bridal collection.
My absolute favorite pair ? The metallic pair . They would match so many of my outfits !

I can only say 1 thing: you must try a pair of Noiselle’s  and discover it for yourself ! :-)

For more information on Noiselle by EH go to : 

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