Sunday, September 8, 2013

Colorful makeup

Hi Everyone, 

Yesterday's weather was really bad with lots of rain and cold wind. I opted for something warm & cosy and snuggled up in my lounge hair to listen to music an read some fashion magazines. 

I tried to bring some color to the rainy day by wearing colorful eye makeup. It's certainly not an everyday look but I was in the mood for a full on bright editorial kinda makeup look . Sometimes I just want to play with my makeup and experiment with different colors and styles. I loved the combination of the bright blue eyeliner with the orange lipstick and light pink cheeks. Btw, if you like to see a tutorial for this make up look -> let me know below :-)

My necklace and trousers are from Zara. The trousers are part from my suit that I already wore here. The cosy cardigan is from a local market in Spain. I love local markets because you can always find unique items that you normally won't find in stores or for half the price! I also picked up this clutch from a local market while in Spain. 

kisses from Spain ! 



  1. Love the make up! Good choice!
    Silvia and Chiara


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