Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hi Everyone, 

I know that on holiday I should probably wear colorful bright outfits but seeing those great fall trends and colors in magazines and stores makes me want wear fall colored outfits :-)

Here's a plum colored outfit ! I just love the rich deep color plum. I teamed up my Stradivarius silk top with a matching plum lip and my new necklace from Zara. 

 My lipstick is by a local Spanish brand Kyrey in N°15 (bought @ Consum)
This plum colored lipstick has a pink undertone which suits me better than the brownish plum colored shades. This lipstick is really inexpensive ( 4€) so my expectations weren't high, but much to my surprise did it last all night ! whoop whoop . Now, I'm curious to check out the other shades that are available ;-) and I probably don't need another lipstick...but,  it's just so tempting ;-)!
 The only negative part about these lipsticks is that the scent reminds me of those really cheap lipsticks (which probably makes sense since it IS inexpensive) ... wish they would've  used a different scent !

The Skulled clutch is my new favorite clutch :-) , I bought it at a little Chinese shop here in Spain and wherever I take it, people complement on it! It's just a fun item that gives a bit of rock & roll to any outfit :-)

kisses from Spain ! 


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