Monday, December 2, 2013

Amway Artistry skincare products

 Hi Everyone,
I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, but I’ve been super busy with shoots & workshops J I will do my best to upload a blogpost every 2 days! So stay tuned !

A while ago, I received these AMWAY products form their ARTISTRY skincare line.  A beauty addict/blogger like me is always on the look out to discover new products or try out new brands. When AMWAY asked me if I was interested to try some of their products, I was very curious because I never used any of their products before and wasn’t familiar with the brand. 
I’ve been using these products for about a month now and I’m really impressed. A little birdy even told me that ARTISTRY from Amway belongs to the top 5 of bestselling premium skincare ranges in the world!

These 3 products from ARTISTRY are now staples in my beauty collection. The Lifting Smoothing Foundation  - my favorite  - has a creamy texture and feels as if it contains a primer which explains the smoothing part. It blends well into the skin and is a cream to powder foundation. I felt that my skin was hydrated all day long even without using a day cream (which I sometimes tend to forget – oops ;-) )
The foundation feels a bit like a BB cream texture opposed to a more liquid foundation. I find that it’s best to apply it with your fingers (to heat up the product) or with a duo fiber buffing brush (which prevents you from picking up too much product) . The coverage is medium to high. You can also mix the foundation with your day cream if you don’t like a medium coverage foundation.
Packaging is as important for me as the product itself. AMWAY really nailed it with their packaging. It feels luxurious and heavy which makes it perfect to display on my bathroom table.
The Rich Cleansing Foam is another favorite of mine.  Most cleansing foams leave my skin feeling dehydrated and itchy. This foam however doesn’t have that effect on me. I can tell that its super gentle foam filled with moisturizing ingredients. I still need to hydrate my skin afterwards however, but it’s not as drying as most cleansing products in my beauty collection.  I also like the fact that I don’t need that much product to cleanse my face. This tube will last you a long time!
The Artistry intensive skincare 14 night restore program is the 1 thing I didn’t use as much. It’s not that I don’t like the product; it’s just that I like to mix & match my beauty products depending on my mood and it’s hard for me to stick to 1 product every night. I felt that the serum absorbed quickly into the skin which is a great thing and my skin still felt hydrating in the morning (which isn’t the case with most serums) . The serum isn’t too oily which I love, because oils make my hair/pillow greasy.  Each container however contained more than enough product for 1 day, so I ended up using 1 container for 2 days.  This means that this serum will last you longer than 14 days, yes !
If you’re interested in buying AMWAY products (which isn’t sold in stores), you can fill in an online form and an AMWAY business owner in your region will contact you.  
First I was a bit skeptic about using products that aren’t sold in stores, but after testing these products, my opinion has changed in a positive way. My favorite product was the Lifting smoothing foundation spf 20 which is a superb product with lovely luxurious packaging. It could easily stand next to some of the most well-known foundations in my stack. I don’t know how much these products cost, but that helped me to stay open minded and objective.
I’m really interested in trying out more of their products like their cosmetic range or their bath & body products.
Let me know below if you tried any AMWAY products before and if you like it . Also let me know which AMWAY products I must try !

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