Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chanel Skincare Travel Kit

Hi Everyone,
I recently received this handy skincare travel kit from Chanel. I think you all know the Le Jour, La Nuit & Le Weekend by now J.  These products have received a lot of good press since its launch so I was more than curious to see for myself what all the fuzz was about.  This travel kit landed on the Fashionwise HQ desk earlier this week as if the Chanel Company could read my mindJ.
First of all, let’s talk packaging. These mini 15ml versions have the same luxurious packaging as their full size sisters.  It is pretty expensive, true . If you don’t feel like splurging on the pricy full size version, then this travel kit might be right for you.
Over these next few weeks I will indulge in testing these luxurious products.  You will be able to read my review soon on my blog! So, stay tuned J

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