Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Webshop review : Farmaline

Hi Everyone, 

 Some French pharmacy brands products have evolved into real it-products for makeup artists around the world. I think that it's save to say that everybody here knows about the Bioderma Sensibio H2O micelle solution for sensitive skin. If the name doesn't ring any bells, the image of the product will look familiar. This it-product is also a key product in any makeup artist kit. Why ? Well, wether you're working on a fashion show, a photoshoot or on a client, you will have to use a product that suits many different skin types. Some of the models have normal skin, but some have highly sensitive skin and the last thing you want is your model to react to your product you've used! That's why this product suits all different skin types. Wether it's for removing makeup to start with a fresh face, or to correct any mistakes, you will need this Bioderma H2O. 
This 250ml bottle is the perfect size for my makeup kit. If I'm taking my MAC zuca out an about, the last thing I want is to pack unnecessary quantities of products. 

Another key-product for any makeup artist is Thermal Spring Water by La Roche-Posay . Why ? Well, for 2 resins. Touching up a look &  starting a second makeup look . Sometimes you will have to create more than 1 makeup look for a photoshoot. When changing a look, you don't always have to redo the foundation base you did ! If you're happy with the base of your first look and just want to change the eyeshadow color or lip color, you can spray some thermal water to moisturize the face and start fresh. This will undo the setting powder that is still there from you're first look. 
Another reason why you need this , is for touch ups. Let's say you've done bridal makeup and you've been asked to touch up her makeup. Layering powder over powder will completely destroy you're perfect base and make it cakey. Just spray some thermal water and take you're beauty blender to work this into the skin and then put some finishing powder on top. 

Another MakeUp artist secret ? body lotion ! I recommend the  La Roche-Posay Lipikar gel-fluid
why ? correcting with a gell textured body lotion is better than using makeup remover ;-) ! Ever tried this ? Well, you should! It's a highly used tip from Pro makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. Let's say you're creating a winged eyeliner and you've gone to far. Just put a little moisturize on a Q-tip and use this to remove any access eyeliner! 

 We don't have time to start running to shops to find out if they sell any of these products… that's why I wanted to present you to another makeup artist essential : FARMALINE ! 

Farmaline is an online pharmacy who sells so much more than nutrition supplements or health care products . What's more important … they sell french pharmacy brands and it-products ! 

Here are some of my other favorites they sell:
Caudalie Facial water (it product to the stars!)
Avène anti-blemish cream (loved by pro makeup artist Lisa Eldrigde)
Korres Lip Butter Guava (perfect to moisturize you lips before adding lipstick)
Eau Précieuse (as famous as Bioderma H2O)



  1. Ah de goeie vertrouwde Bioderma ♥

  2. Ik vind het super handig om zo'n online shop te hebben waarbij je zowat alle leuke merken kunt terug vinden op één plaats.


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