Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing Color into your home

Spring is around the corner.. this means it's time to introduce some color into your home!
 I've gathered some of my favorite pieces that are high on my wishlist! It's all about color & patterns .
Seeing colorful items in my home gives me energy and makes me happy.
 It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the US Elle Decor & all it's glamour interiors well, ... These pieces would belong right at home on their site! :-)
and the best part ? The items I've selected are very affordable ;-)
1/ Blue ceramic stool (find it here )
2/ Yellow mohair blanket (find it here)
3/ grey patterned rug (find it here)
4/ geometrical ceramic lamp (find it here)
5/geometrical ceramic vase (find it here)
6/ gold statement  mirror (find it here)
7/pink mohair blanket (find it here)
8/ bird book stand (find it here)
9/bright yellow vase (find it here)
10/ wood side table (find it here)
11/ green jungle candle (find it here)
12/ jungle pillow (find it here)
13/ geometrical box (find it here)

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