Thursday, March 13, 2014

DOVE favorites

Hi Everyone,
As a massive beauty addict, my bathroom is always filled with loads of beauty products and sometimes a lot of different products I use are from te same brand. That's why I will start with these new favorites blogposts . First up : DOVE !
I mostly buy my bath & shower products purely based on their scent. Now that spring’s here, I absolutely love using more flowerly scents. That’s the main reason why I fell in love with the Purely Pampering bath cream. This lovely scented bath cream is my go-to bath product. It foams, it nourishes my skin & it smells amazing ! I wish DOVE would of created more products with this scent ;-)
The new Caring Protection shower cream  quickly became a favorite of mine. My skin feels hydrated after using it. It's also a very rich textured cream product which is great because my skin is so dry from the winter months and needs a lot of hydration. I use this shower cream after my daily body scrub.
I'm already got vacation on my mind : that's why these DOVE mini shower creams are perfect for travelling. I would rather save room in my luggage for clothes (and who doesn't buy new beauty products abroad, right?!)
On to haircare . I'm a massive hairstyling freak.. if you haven't noticed yet ;-). So, after using all those heated styling tools over the years (and coloring my hair), my hair has become very dry. The Intense Repair haircare range from DOVE is really ,really hydrating and moisturizing stuff ;-)
I tend to use it once a week. I only use it once a week because otherwise my hair tends to feel greasy . After using my cleansing shampoo, my hair screams for hydration, that's why the Intense Repair range or the nourishing Oil Care range are amazing for damaged & dry hair!
The MicroMoisture serum is an it-product in my bathroom. I have my own way of using it :
I spray a decent amount all over my dry hair before bedtime . Almost untill you feel your hair becomes semi-wet. Then, I go to sleep without rinsing it out and letting the product do it's magic  over night. In the morning I wash my hair . It makes my hair look so incredibly healthy !
Next on my list to try : the nourishing Oil Care conditioner.
What's your favorite DOVE product ? What should I try next from DOVE ?

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