Saturday, March 29, 2014

NEW Estée Lauder Webshop + Pure Color Envy Lipsticks

I have SUPER exciting news !

Estée Lauder now has a fabulous webshop on which Belgian customers can shop, shop, shop! :-)

Oh and that's not all … they launched the new Pure Color Envy lipsticks. My heart skipped a beat when they announced the news at the Estée Lauder event recently  !

I'm a real lipstick addict (yes, I have  lipsticks for every day of the year… not joking !) 
But, … these ones are different : They are super creamy and glossy and stay all day . Normally lipsticks that stay all day are matte ones. Estée Lauder has managed to create a glossy lipstick that seriously does not move ! What's their secret ? Well, by simply putting your lips together every now then you reactivate the color & shine! 

When I wear these lipsticks, I forget I even have lipstick on … that's how light weight they are. Simply perfect. They launched 20 colors and 1 exclusive shade that is only available on their webshop. I want them all! Seriously ! 

I shopped at Estée Lauder and bought the Pure Color Envy Lipstick in 'Envious' & 'Tumultuous Pink'. I placed my order on friday and the week after, I received it on wednesday!  all wrapped in pretty blue silk paper with their gold logo on it! Pretty much ;-) ?! #love

These lipsticks also come in the most prettiest packages, but I expected nothing less from a glamourous brand such as Estée Lauder. They give you that instant glam boost . 

Well done, Estée Lauder . You've created a must-have lipstick :-) 

Lipsticks :
Pure Color Envy in Impassioned (bright orange shade) 
Pure Color Envy in Envious (classic glossy red shade)
Pure Color Envy in Tumutuous Pink (wearing it in the pictures above)


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