Friday, March 28, 2014

The Pink Coat

Hi Everyone,
Meet my favorite Spring coat :-) It's pink, it's loose fit & it's soft (aka perfect combo).
When I spotted this H&M coat a while back, it immediately got my attention. I like shopping in H&M because they sell great items for inexpensive prices and let's be honest, if you're a true fashonista like me, why waste your pennies on items you HAVE to have right know, but you'll know they wo't stay into fashion forever. ;-) A pink coat isn't really a fashion investment like a Birkin ;-) . Thank God for stores like H&M who copy the runway looks for less !
Spring is deffentitely in the air these last cople of weeks. The  warmer temperatures make me want to introduce more color into my outfits. It's still a bit too cold for summer dresses or bare legs, that's why I opted for a colorfull coat. I was on my way to a blog meeting when suddenly we came across this bright pink wall. It matched my outfit perfectly :-) . I loved it so much that I couldn't resist taking a pic in front of it ;-) . Which colorful item have you purchased recently ?  
Picture via my Instagram (@fashionwise)
Outfit details :
Pink coat : H&M
bag : Louis Vuitton
shoes : All Stars

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  1. I really liked how a pink coat can add a chic touch as well as a statement detail to an outfit. I think colorwise my most recent purchase was a neon blue polo from Nautica which I am totally in love with.

    Happy Weekend!


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