Monday, April 7, 2014

Deauty for IU

Hi everyone,

I'm late to the bandwagon but March's Deauty box was such a big favorite if mine and filled with so many lovely products that I had a hard time testing them all in such a short notice ;-) . 
What makes this Deauty box different ? Well, it's their first collaboration box. We all love Deauty and we all love the Iu stores .. so this collab was a match made in heaven!  
I've been a fan of JYB since they first launched a while back (read it here - amazing event) and I've been using their JYB 'have a good day' daycreme regularly. It's a definitely a more expensive brand, but it's made in Belgium and it's bio and has all natural ingredients. 
Guam was a brand  I had never tried before, so I was really curious in seeing what benefits it would have for my skin. The Fanghi d'Alga mud is such a spa-like product to have at your home, although I think I might have needed some more treatments to really see results, I could tell that it's a must have product for anyone who wants to recreate a spa visit at home. 
The T.Leclerc 'Violine' mascara was a bit disappointing . I had high expectations about it's vivid violette color, but unfortunately -when applied- you couldn't really see it's color. I feel it needs a white base first. Knowing the price, I would save my pennies and invest it in a KIKO purple mascara which does the job better for less. 
Let's talk Mavala. How great is this Oil Seal dryer?! It's amazing. I can totally recommend this product. The oil doesn't dry out your nails and it makes your nail polish dry some much faster !

So, overall, this was the best Deauty box evert! Keep up the good work Deauty ;-)


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