Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Event Report : Sushi Box by Joël Robuchon



Hi Everyone,
A while ago a very exciting invitation landed in my mailbox. Sushi shops have teamed up with chef Joël Robuchon to create a new sushi box which can be ordered at Sushi Shops or online.
Hervé Louis , founder of the Sushi Shops, invited me and a handful of other journalists at his home in Brussels for a relaxing afternoon filled with Sushi treats! We were also treated to all the Joël Robuchon sushi creations. Talk about Susi overload ;-)

The sun was shining, it was warm and the location was absolutely stunning.  Unfortunately I can’t show you pictures of inside the home of Hervé Louis, but you can take my word that I fell in love with this hidden jewel in Brussels. His mansion was full of art, spacious and so  grand!
The Joël Robuchon for Sushi Shops box is a piece of art on its own. The bright red box with black lining adds a nice touch of luxury to eating take-away sushi. 
This fab box includes: Crispy Lobster roll, Hawaïan roll, Spicy Ebi Roll, sushi saint-jacques snackée et  tartare de saumon new style.
What surprised me the most was that this sushi box and all other sushi boxes sold at Sushi Shops) are really affordable!  You can either buy a sushi box at your local sushi shops or you can order it oline and get it delivered at your door! Hello, convenient J
A special thanks goes out to Hervé Louis for inviting me to his lovely home ! I had a fantastic afternoon J
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