Monday, April 28, 2014

Givenchy Edition Croisière

 Hi Everyone, 
I've had these Givenchy beauty products for a while now and I've really had the opportunity of testing these beauty bits properly . The healthy glow powder clearly is the star product as it's almost to pretty to use :-). 
The 2 powders are now both beauty staples in my makeup kit!
I'm always surprised when I receive the Givenchy beauty collection. It always so fashionable in that sence that the packaging is minimalistic and trendy just like their fashion line. A true must-have collection for any fashionista! Some of these products are now staples in my beauty collection.

The Croisière Terre Exoique powder from Givenchy gives you the perfect healthy glow!  The powder is so finely milled which created the illusion of a healthy natural glow. There are no shimmers. I've used this powder on my cheekbones and I've received so many nice comments about it. It's actually so finely milled that it's the perfect highlight for during the day.
I could just stare at this pertty powder as it is just so pretty! Almost too pretty to use! Well done, Givenchy! You've created a must-have for SS14 beauty-wise :-)
The other powder (as seen in the first picture) is the Poudre Preière - Universal Nude . This transparant loose powder is your best friend! It gets rid of any greasyness and mattiefies the T-zone. It looks white but turns out transparant. It's very simillar to the MAC Pro transparant Finishing powder. I like to use a big fluffy brush instead to aplly this powder.

This Ange ou démon Le Secret perfume is quite special. What makes this edition special ? Well, this fragrance has shimmers, designed to make you glow! . It's perfect for a romantic evening out because this fragrance doesn't only smell fresh, but it gives your decoleté a nice glow.The packaging is also very pretty and special. I'm keeping this fragrance for holidays :-). My perfumes are always linked to 1 of my holidays. I like to remember beautifull moment/memories when using my perfume. That's also the main reason why I always buy my perfumes abroad.
The other fragrance that I received was the Very Irrésistible L'eau en rose. This one is perfect for every day use. When choosing between the 2 fregarnaces, the Ange ou déom Le Secret is defenitely my favorite :-).
The prettiest pouch and mirror which has been in my bag non stop lately . I love the modern twist.

When I first layed eyes on the new Turquoise Obsession waterproof mascara from Givenchy, my heart skipped a beat. I was hoping that this mascara would turn out as bright blue on my lashes as it appears to be ...and let me tell you : it does!!! Instant crush for this mascara. The bright blue really pops when applied on your lashed. It doesn't smudge and the bristle allows you to really get each lash individually. Oh and again .. such pertty packaging!

Available in stores now.



  1. The light shimmering powder sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    x Sandra

  2. Great products!!!
    Have a fab start of the week honey!!!

  3. Omg amazing products!! Love everything! the pouch is the cutest!! I haven't seen a mascara brush like that before. Looks interesting :)

    xx Mira

  4. WOW great selection!

  5. jeetje wat een mooie producten! Vooral de Croisière Terre Exoique powder ziet er prachtig uit!!

  6. Ziet er echt prachtig uit!


  7. Ange au demon is zooo een heerlijke geur, ik ben er verslaafd aan:)

  8. benieuwd naar die blauwe mascara!


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