Sunday, April 13, 2014

TravelBird : WomenOnly

Hi Everyone, 

Every year my BFF and I try to go on at least 1 girls weekend. Our goal ? gossip, drinking good wine, shopping and loads of beauty fun! 

We try to do something else or go somewhere else every year. This isn't the easiest task, finding new places or activities ! Let me tell you! ;-)…. As I was browsing the internet, I came across this great holiday website  called :  TravelBird

TravelBird makes my job of finding a women's only getaway a lot easier ! They have a whole page simply devoted to 'women only' activities or getaways. hello, perfect!!!

So, what is TravelBird? Well, this convenient holiday website gives you great offers on getaways  or activities across Europe on a daily base. You can book your holiday on their website and enjoy great reductions (aren't we all looking for great prices, right ?!) 

You know how you have these travel websites who offer holidays and let you see amazing pictures but forget to mention the most important thing of all : PRICES ! Well, that what's I like about TravelBird as well : you know exactly how much it will cost you! Honest prices. 

Every day they offer you at least 6 great getaways for really inexpensive prices. Who doesn't want to escape this bad weather? You too ? Well, check out TravelBird ;-) !

And the best part ? This travel webshop is completely safe ! Booking your holiday on this webshop gives you the same warranties as booking at your local travel agent … except… TravelBird definitely has better prices ;-). If you have any questions, you can always contact their costumers service every day of the week!

I especially find the 'Women Only' page very interesting ;-) Wether it's a hotel getaway, a spa treatment or fun dinner spot ; TravelBird has it all ! The BFF and I are going for the hotel getaway! And you? 

Which getaway do you prefer ? Let me know below!


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