Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Event Report : Sam Edelman

Hi Everyone, 

Earlier this week I was invited by the Sam Edelman PR people to come to their Showroom and pick out a pair of shoes! I was completely blown away by this kind invitation. 
My opinion is that a girl can never have too many shoes ;-) (aren't I right ladies :-p :-) ?!) So picking out another pair of shoes makes my day!

Although the weather was really bad and it was poring rain, I opted for my new coral red shoes and an all jeans outfit. Wearing bright colors cheers me up and makes me forget about the sad weather outside. 

I asked you if you could guess which shoes I picked out on my social media channels and most of you guessed I went for pumps, but in fact I went for the black booties with a gold metal chain on the back ! Surprise :-) . It was a hard decision because I had my eye on the black bootie but also on the taupe suède pump (last picture) . Since I already have far too many pumps, I went for something completely different! This black bootie is rock and roll but the gold metal chain gives it a feminine touch. Which one is your favorite ? 



  1. Enjoy the new shoes! Nice choice!!!

  2. Very nice shoes! they all look great!

  3. Was moeilijk kiezen he!! Leuk paar heb je wel gekozen!

    x Aurélie


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