Monday, November 3, 2014

L'Oréal ELSEVE Fibralogy review

Hi Everyone,
L’Oréal is one of my favorite brands, so when they contacted me telling me that they choose me to work on a little project, I was over the moon!
First up? Testing the new ELSEVE  Fibrology range.  What’s special about this range? Well, it’s the first range to create thicker looking hair. This complete range consists out of a conditioner, shampoo, masque, Thickness Booster and Double Serum.
I’ve been testing the ELSEVE Fibrology range for over a month now and I am impressed. I must admit that I was critical at first, because it just seemed too good to be true. Now, after thoroughly testing the products, I can see a difference and even feel one (when combing my fingers through my hair) . 

Let’s talk packaging: I’m one of those people who would actually buy a product if it had pretty packaging That being said, I loved that they used hot pink and turquoise colors for the packaging. We all know that haircare products are always right in sight next to your shower or bath, therefore it’s über-important to have pretty products.
The ELSEVE Fibrology shampoo and ELSEVE Fibrology conditioner are 2 products that I used every other day to wash my hair. The scent of the shampoo and conditioner is sublime, which is also a key-factor for me. The fact that I can still smell the shampoo scent in my hair the next day makes this range even better.
Next up ? The ELSEVE Fibrology Thickening Booster and ELSEVE Fibrology Double Serum.
At first I was concerned that the Thickening Booster would way my hair down and would make it greasy. Much to my surprise, it didn’t. I always shake the Booster tube before applying it on my hair. I don’t select any particular area to apply this product, just crisscross . Then I massage it in so that the product absorbs more quickly. It’s a very light, water-like texture . It can be used on dry or wet hair. I prefer to use it on dry hair before I get in the shower and then rinse it out.

According to me, this Booster is 1 of the key parts in making your hair feel thicker. I would rather skip the conditioner or masque then using this Booster.

The Double Serum is also something that I used a lot. I apply this booster on the end of my hair (they need it the most). I also use this serum in the weekend , when I don’t have to go out  and apply it generously all over my hair (like you would do with a mask) and wrap my hair in a towel (leaving it to do it’s magic ;-) ) After several hours I wash it out using the Fibrology shampoo. Oh boy , it did magic making my hair shine like crazy looking very healthy. This isn’t probably the why  L’Oréal designed the booster, but it works for me!

The last product of the range is the ELSEVE Fibrology masque. Let’s talk about the positive things first . I absolutely LOVE the texture of this masque. It almost feels like whipped cream. So airy and light. The scent is also amazing. But, … unfortunately the masque made my hair greasy every time I used it. This would probably be an amazing product for someone with dry hair. Nevertheless, I did get results using the other products from the Fibrology range.



  1. Thanks for posting! I just bought this range and am looking forward to trying it.

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  2. Thanks to @influensterCA for allowing me to try Loreal’s Fibraology Hair collection of shampoo, conditioner and thickening booster. Loreal’s Fibralogy Hair collection is designed to make your hair thicker and after a couple uses my hair feels more thicker, not to mention appears more healthier. Scent wise, this shampoo and conditioner has a weak, neutral scent which is disappointing for any hair product, as you would want your hair to smell GREAT . The design of the bottle is cool and looks futuristic making the product more enticing to buy. Overall I would recommend this product to both guys or girls who have thin hair, after a week of using these products your hair will feel a difference and is a truly indiscrimable feeling. I would rate this product 3.5/5. #FibralogyWorks

  3. I think Loreal Fibrology Thickening Shampoo is perfet to thicken up any types of hair. This product is also very effective to combat frizz.It gave me better result than any other product. I give it 5 star review.


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