Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Style Icon : Olivia Palermo

Hi Everyone, 
Olivia Palermo. Need I say more ;-) ? This fancy lady is my style icon and I often google her to discover her latest outfits. I absolutely adore her style. She mixes & matches prints and styles effortless. She's queen B when it comes to accessorizing ;-) . She's not afraid to mix high end pieces with Zara items. I wanted to share these pictures with you because they are my latest style-moodboard pictures for my sales shaopping. I need good basics that I can mix with some of my personal high end pieces in my wardrobe and which better person than Olivia to give me inspiration ;-) . It's even come so far that I think to myself what would Olivia buy ? :-p Yes! true story! Who else loves her style? Which outfit do you prefer ?
Let me know below :-) 

 source : google images


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  1. no we definitely don't have to say any more, she's great and these looks are stunning!

    Patchwork à Porter


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