Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The clean Face

 Hi Everyone, 
The new year is here and I want to start fresh. 1 of the things I promised myself was to take better care of my skin. I need to use a face exfoliator more often.  These 2 are my go-to high end face cleansers. 

 If I use a lot of makeup then I grab my La Prairie  cellular mineral face exfoliator which has little grain (minerals) texture and makes my skin looking polished and kind of highlighted . It's hard to explain but every time I use it, my skin actually does look more radiant afterwards. I have to use a hydration cream afterwards though (especially during winter months), because my skin can get a little dry. 

During most weekdays I use the Garancia Pschitt magique micro peel in the morning and evening. I order mine via farmaline.be . It's a foam and it feels more gentle than the La Prairie one. It smells really fresh and I believe that it's just the right price. I can really spot the difference immediately after using this product. LOVE! 

Which are your go to products and do you have any suggestions for me ? 



  1. Oh yeah, I'm a huge fan of that micropeeling! I could tell a difference right from the first use.

  2. such lovely products! I love reading your blog! xxx

  3. Wow very high end.
    Always wanted to try these products



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