Thursday, February 12, 2015

AERIN fragrances

Hi Everyone, 
I’m so excited because the luxury fragrance AERIN (that I’ve been eying up since it’s launch in the US) has finally come to Belgium! First of all, let’s talk Aerin Lauder. She is the granddaughter of Estée Lauder. She is the epitome of style, beauty and luxury. Whenever she creates something: whether it’s beauty, fashion or accessories she creates classic timeless pieces that represent luxury. It’s needless to say that I’m a huege fan of her.
Aerin is 1 of my go to style icons when it comes to fashion and interior. I’ve inserted some inspirational pictures.

pictures thanks to google + Estée Lauder

So, … when I read the press release that the AERIN fragrances would be sold in Belgium, I jumped for excitement. Ok.. granted. It’s the most expensive perfume that is on my wishllist. The packaging, the sophisticated scent, the colored stone on top …. What’s not to like !
 Putting this fragrance in your bathroom means upgrading your bathroom décor! 
The 50ml is so pretty, you would want to take it everywhere with you so that you make a statement when you pull this baby out of your handbag to touch up your fragrance.
I only use my most expensive perfumes for special occasions. I create memories because whenever I smell it, it would take me back to happy moments !

Therefore I would easily spent the money to build my AERING fragrance collection… if only they would engrave it with your name.. now that would make the perfect Valentine’s day gift! 

 AERIN-parfumcollectie is available from 16 maart 2015  
shop :  Galeria INNO en
 online :

AERIN fragrance, 50ml € 99,30


  1. Love this fragrance so much !

    With love from London,
    Hayley ♥

  2. Wat een prachtige flesjes met die stenen erop! Klinkt echt goed. :)

  3. Hope they smell as good as they look :-)
    Can't wait to get me one!

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