Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3 Special Spring Hairstyles

Hi everyone, 
I created 3 Spring hairstyles that are a bit different, but still really easy to make. I will take you through all the steps so that you too can create these looks. 
If you prefer a video tutorial on any of these looks, then leave a comment below and ask me which hairdo I should recreate . 
Spring is officially here and I felt the need to change up my everyday hairstyles ( waves, a bun, hightop ponytail) and go for something slightly different. So let's start with the first hairstyle : casual braided twins :-)

Braided Twins
Step 1 : divide your hair in 2 parts.
Step 2 : make a dutch braid on each side
Step 3 : secure both braids together with an elastic band
Step 4 : take a piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band
(optional : Step 5 : curl the ponytail if you want for  a more casual look)
Step 5 :  hairspray  !

Clustered ponytail
Step 1 : make a high ponytail
Step 2 : wrap a piece of hair around the elastic band
Step 3 : place clear elastic bands at about the same lengths and pull them closer together each time you place a clear elastic band
Step 4 : use a hair oil of the ends of the ponytail 
Step 5 : hairspray !

Fake Mohawk :
Step 1: take the top part of your hair and put it in a ponytail
Step 2 : Make sure you pull out some hairpieces so it's not too flat in the front
Step 3 : take a horizontal part of hair right under your first elastic band and make a new ponytail each time including the part of the ponytail right above it. Make sure you follow a straight line down
step 4: pull out some parts to create volume 
Step 5 : secure with bobby pins where needed
Step 6: lots of hairspray !

I used :
 Osis+ Glamination on damp hair (preparation)
Osis+ Glamination hairspray (really strong hold this one!)
Kérastase Cristaliste hair oil (not too greasy and gives great shine to any hairdo)

I used :
clear elastic bands
hair clips 


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