Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Haircare staples

Hi Everyone, 
If you follow my blog, then you know that I have a real passion for hairstyling. I use a lot of heating tools like my beloved Remington curling iron or my go to Babyliss straightener. Using heating tools as much as I do, causes damage to my hair., that's why I have to take care of my blonde locks. These products are my current haircare staples. I have products to create volume, add shine, repair, lenghten and clean. 

I often use different shampoo's, but I always come back to 1 brand and that's Head&Shoulders. Nothing beats this brand. It a simple, inexpensive but effective shampoo. I use the deep clean one with citrus scent. After a week of using all kinds of hairproducts like gell, dryshampoo, texturising sprays, etc I need something that really cleans... and that's the Head & Shoulders deep clean shampoo! It's also 1 of those shampoo's where you can still smell it's lovely scent the next day. Score :-)

I sometimes need a little help in the volume department, escpecially at my roots... hello Dove Oxygen spray! Although it's not yet available in Belgium (bought it in the UK at Boots) I have been using it for weeks now and I'm convinced. I spray it generously on my roots on damp hair. It doesn't way the hair down and adds tons of volume. Whenever I'm doing an updo or curls, this one is going on my roots ;-) Please launch it in Belgium, Dove, because I can't live without it!

Redken Extreme Lenght primer & sealer are 2 handy products that I use to get my longer locks back. I recently went to the hairdresser and I decided to go back to my older, longer,  lengths. How I use them? Well, after shampooing I use the primer and then the sealer. It's importat that you don't use any product after sealer . I have noticed a differnce, so it does help to get my older lenght back using these 2 products. They also have the bonus effect of smoothening your hair. 

On days where I tend to blow dry my hair without creating any specific hairdo afterwards, I use the Shu Uemura Wonder Worker Air Dry Perfecter. This smooths any frizz that I have going on after showering my hair and makes my ends liss and therefore easier to blowdry myself. It is an expensive product, but I like it because it isn't as greasy as an hair oil and I feel like pampering my hair whenever I use it .

Phyto Plage L'originale for hair is another pure pampering product that I use. I spray EVERYDAY . Yes, I mean it. This product is a sunprotection spray for your hair. It's not too oily and during sunny days like these I even use it on my hair when I'm not on vacation :-) The design of this bottle also very pretty. Is it weird that I carry this spray around in my bag ? :-) haha I guess so, but I take it with me to work and at the end of a long day, I give my ends of my hair a few sprays and they are nice and shiny again!

Bring that Shine back! You know that feeling when you curled your hair and it looks like the heating tool took all the shine away? Well, I use this baby... Lee Stafford Spray Shine . It's glossy hair in a bottle. I bought this product at Boots in the UK last year and I still haven't run out of it. It's very lightweight and smells amazing.

So tell me, what do you use and which magical product should I try next?

Haircare :
from L->R :
Head&Shoulders deep clean 
Redken Extreme Lenght Primer 
Redken Extreme Lenght Sealer
Dove Oxygen Moisture for fine hair (lifths the hair from the root)
Shu Uemura Wonder Worker Air dry perfecter
 Phyto Plage L'originale Plage for hair 
Lee Stafford Spray Shine 



  1. I love Dove products

  2. I've read about the Redkin Primer & Sealer and I'm really curious about them. I'm a bit afraid that they would make my hair greasy? What's your experience with them and greasy hair? Also you can't use any other product after sealing, when do u use a heat protecting spray for your hair? Before or after the primer?

  3. Ahhh these all sound great! I really only use basic shampoos and conditioners although I love to pamper myself so I'll have to check these out!

    xx -n
    Naomi in Wonderland

  4. I have never tried any of these! sound fun!


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