Sunday, January 24, 2016

My MAC lipstick collection

Hi everyone, 
I've been planning this post for ages but never seem to come round doing it, so today I'm very excited to (finally) share my whole MAC lipstick collection with you guys! It's not the most impressive collection and it could use some extra dark shades, but I'm very happy with it and I use them a lot. 
My love for Mac started years ago even before MAC was available in Belgium. When the first MAC store opened in Antwerp, I went mad. My sister and I took the train and we both got these endless lists from all the products we 'needed'. We must of spend over 400 euro each... that's how creasy we were about finally having a MAC store in Belgium. These days I'm a regular at MAC and I'm also lucky enough to own a pro card for my makeup artist work. Before that when I had to pay the full price, I didn't buy MAC lipsticks every month and was very aware of my purchases. 

Giambatista Valli X Mac from L-> R:
Margherita, Tats, Charlotte

When it comes to collaborations, I must say that they are my least favorite MAC lipsticks. If I add a new shade to my collection, it has to be something special that I don't own yet are a very special shade that is still wearable. You will never see me buy a blue shade or a yellow shade, wearability is key when it comes to my collection. This Giambatista Valli collab was my absolute favorite collab. There are 2 more shades available in this collection . I believe it's a nude pink shade and a dark plum shade. The nude pink shade really wasn't for me because when I tried it, it was like I erased my lips and that not really the sexy look I was going for ;-) . The dark plum shade was absolutely gorge, but unfortunately it was already sold out ... 

You can probably tell that there is 1 shade that stands out and that's Heroine. It's an absolute gorge purple shade that looks crazy, but is actually very wearable. I can totally suggest trying it out at your local MAC counter. The rest of the lipsticks that I own are more pink/nude kinda shades. 

swatches from L-> R:
Lady danger, Flowerplay, Flamingo,impassioned, Heroine, viva glam gaga lustre, ravishing, Pink nouveau, Brave, Creme cup, myth, Secret Lover



  1. Oooh, wat een prachtige mac lipstick stash heb jij! Geweldig! En ik vind heroine een pretty color!


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