Thursday, March 24, 2016

Givenchy : Rouge Interdit Vinyl Spring 2016

Hi Everyone, 
I've been playing around with these Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl shades and I must say that they are really up my street. They are super glossy balmy lipsticks which have a long wearability. The collection  consists out of 16 shades from a light brown nude kinda shade to a plum black shade. What makes this lipstick range different ? Well, the lipsticks are infused with black rose oil which moisturizes the lips and makes these lipsticks comfortable to wear. 

The packaging is very rock chic and is fun to open with plexiglass cover and a black silk ribbon at the end which you pull and the lipstick bullet pops out. They feel very heavy and lux which I always love when paying a bit more for a lipstick. These are an absolute joy to pull out of your bag. 

COLOR 02 Beige Indecent Orangey Nude (30,55 EUR)
COLOR 10 Rouge Provocant Reddish Pink (30,55 EUR)
COLOR 12 Grenat Envoutant Raspberry (30,55 EUR) 

The orangey nude (Beige Indecent) is the perfect -better than your lips- shade for daytime wear. The Reddish pink (Rouge Provocant)  has been in my bag for when I'm catching up with friends or attending an event , then I pop this one my lips. The Raspberry shade (Grenat Envoutant)  has been my date night shade of the moment. Although it's a plum like shade, it does distribute the color evenly and wears off nicely as well. At the end of the night I'm left with just a hint of color, and it's not patchy at all. These are also so hydrating that I also like to dab on the color with my fingers and wear them as a lip balm.

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