Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Phyto haircare treatment + video

Hello Everyone, 
When Phyto kindly invited me to get my hair pampered at one of the prettiest hair salons in Brussels, I couldn't refuse !

 My dry hair was in  serious need of some pampering. I've always been a fan of Phyto because -  to me   - they are honest (french pharmacy) products with no fuss that just work like magic. Recently I find that they've also been working on their packaging which has increasingly become prettier ( is that even a word ? well, you know what I mean!). 
The tin shampoo bottles are just the perfect accessory for any bathroom. They ooze luxury without being too expensive.  Let's just say that I'm a fan :-)

I do feel a bit sorry for the hairdresser that needed to brush through my locks because my hair tends to tangle like mad (and not in -let's spray some hair oil in it and it will get solved -  kinda way , but in a - it runs in the family dreadlocks -  kinda way ;-) She, however, was very patient and did a brilliant job in making my hair sleek and glossy with the help of Phyto products. Well done!


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  1. What a nice experience! I'm definitely a Phyto fan. And so is the hubby. Your hair looks good, very sleek and healthy.


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