Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The classic white blouse

I’m a classic outfit kinda girl. There are just a handful of pieces that everyone needs in their closet like a LBD, a white shirt, smart jeans and etc. Today I wanted to talk about my new white shirt. It’s a twist on  the buttoned shirt because it’s a wrap style shirt. 

  There’s nothing wild about this shirt like for instance the latest trendy patches stitched on shirts style, but you still need a plain shirt in your closet. On days when you need that parisian style elegance (think : job interviews, exams, first dates, meetings, …) this will complete your no-brainer outfit whilst still looking put together. Perfect for days when you need to focus on the task and not on what to wear. Finding the right shape and style of the classic shirt is not that easy.

 Today’s stores offer a variety of twists like : wide fit, buttoned shirts, slim fit, silk, cotton,  long sleeves, ¾ sleeves, collar, no collar.. let’s just say .. there’s a white shirt for everyone’s taste! 

I prefer a buttoned loose fit shirt with a collar. That said, I own a dozen of those already and when Mer Du Nord contacted me a while ago and offered me a piece from their latest collection, I didn’t have to think twice ! I opted for the wrap style shirt. I’ve worn this shirt so many times already since receiving it and I’m sure this will become a fix feature in my ootd posts . Follow me on Instagram for more pictures & updates!

Shirt : MerDuNord
 #MerDuNordOfficial www.merdunord.com
Jeans : Zara
shoes, necklace : ASOS


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  1. The white blouse and jeans look great. I also recently bought a comfortable white blouse.


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