Tuesday, March 7, 2017

visiting MERCADO in Antwerp


Hi everyone,
Last weekend I finally had the chance to visit Mercado in Antwerp.  It’s a giant foodhall where you can find different stands with the latest streetfood  but all in 1 ├╝ber trendy location. For a list of all the different food stands visit this link.  I had been planning a trip to Antwerp for such a long time, but never quite found the right time to visit until last Friday.

I had a list of all the foodstands that I wanted to try out and let me tell you : it’s food heaven! We opted for Mexican and choose the chicken taco’s & pork wraps at Mixco. We  bought our cocktails at Spirits bar . I had a raspberry mojito & the BF choose a long island icetea. After our delicious Mexican meal I was eager to head to the Bubble Waffle stand and check out their signature style waffle. I just had to taste it.

The excitement levels were high at Mercado and it didn’t disappoint.  Will I be going back? YES! Definitely!

Things to know before visiting :
-it’s slightly expensive, but totally worth it because you’ll get fresh ingredients ( & the food looks like little pieces of art).
-There’s a public parking lot in front (groenplaats), but be prepared to pay for this top location!
-It’s easy to reach with public transportation.
-visit during off hours or during week days. Seating is limited.
- I found it a bit chilly inside so if you get cold quickly like myself, dress accordingly.
- be prepared to share your table with other people.
- check when there is live music for the best of both worlds.

- be prepared ….for a FOODCOMA! 

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