Thursday, April 27, 2017

Darphin Hydraskin All-Day Eye refresh gel-cream GIVEAWAY

Hi Everyone,

It’s been too long since my last giveaway and since I’m travelling a lot lately what better than to give away 1 of my favorite beauty travel go to products!

Here’s why you want the new DARPHIN Hydraskin eye gel/cream in your life :
We all know that travelling takes a huge toll on our skin. Your skin gets dehydrated  (especially when travelling by plane) or you get dark circles and puffiness  (aka bags) under your eyes from the fatigue. It’s really important to hydrate the under eye area because it’s the first noticeably are on your face for fatigue signs. This tiny (read : perfect travelling size) eye cream will become your best friend!

Why it’s formula is genius :
It’s not like most eye creams where you really have to work a thick white texture into your skin. This gel like formula melts into the skin in no-time. I’ve even used it on top of my concealer throughout the day and I must say that it didn’t interfere with the makeup.

What are its ingerdiants ?
It contains frozen water algae, salicornia Herbacea and butterfly lavender.

What’ my travel tip?
Leave the Hydraskin eye in your refrigerator for a few minutes before applying it. You’ll feel refreshed and waken up, ready to travel and explore the world!

How can you win it ?
1/ follow @darphin on instagram 
2/ follow me on Instagram @fashionwise
3/ like + comment my Darphin Hydraskin post on my Instagram  mentioning why you want to win it

Winner will be chosen + contacted personally  by me on the 1st of MAY 2017. Darphin sponsored this giveaway. Giveaway open internationally!



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  4. I've heard good things about this darphin krem product. Going on my wish list now!


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