Tuesday, April 11, 2017

my Sisley favorites

Hi everyone, 
Last weekend I was in Paris for a project and I took my favorite Sisley products with me. If you want to know why I choose to bring these products and why Sisley is my go-to makeup brand  for travels than keep on reading...

The Photo-Ombre Glow is a luminous eye shadow and I have the shade Amber here. It's the perfect shade for daytime because with a light application it gives the most beautiful shine which combines perfectly with a more nude lip (or in my case a bright lip). When day turns to night : re apply the shade using the new Sisley brush or your finger for an intense shine and add a liner + extra coat of your favorite mascara. 

The real star of my makeup is the Super Soin Solaire Teinté in 1. Neutral. 
Now this product is a bit on the higher end wat price is concern, but totally worth it and here's why : 

1/ it.doesnt.move.all.day.long!!!!!! seriously! 
2. the consistancy is a bit thicker (apply with brush and then work in the product using your fingers) which blends perfectly with your skin for a natural result. 
3. full of good skin ingredients
4. has SPF 30 
5. handbag approves (perfect size!)

The double Tenser Immédiat & long -terme. It's a firming gel which gives immediate result (+long-terme results) . I used it as a base. This product also has a thick consistency and is best applied using your finger because the heat makes the product blend quicker into the skin. 
I have noticed that using this (expensive product, I know) as a base makes my makeup last longer and gives my skin the perfect smooth base. 

I've already expressed my love for the Photo-Lip twist and was convicted they couldn't top that perfect lipstick until I discovered the Phyto-Lip Twist Mat. Yes... it is my holy grail because whenever I have a long day ahead like on my travels, I need a lipstick that won't budge. This is it! I seriously walked around Paris the whole day eating 3 times, driving and by the end of the day it was as perfect as when applied. I'm willing to pay a bit more as I know it will hold up !  I have the shade kiss. 


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