Monday, May 1, 2017

Daytime glam with the ARTISTRY Modern Icon collection

Step 1 apply the Duo Shimmer  subtle chic in peach on the eyelid. Normally with loose eyeshadow I find that you need to wet your brush when applying, but that wasn't the case at all with this very pigmented eyeshadow. 

Just 1 sweep across the eyelid is enough to give you a peachy metallic glow. This eyeshadow shade is perfect for summer and if you have blue eyes like me, it will highlight them even more! 

 Step 2: use the pearl loose shadow shade from the duo to highlight. 

use it right under the eyebrow 

and in the inner corners to make you look more awake!

Step 3 : use the lip shine in soft rose for a nice daytime lip

don't worry, this lipstick give just the right amount of 'shine' to the lips. It's daytime approved and it makes your lips look even fuller! 

step 4 : even more highlight ! Because a gal can never have enough highlight right ?!
Seriously, since trying out this product, I've been hooked on the lovely glow it gives. 
It's creamy texture blends right into the skin. It's not an in-your-face kinda highlight, but again it's very suitable for a daytime look

I found that you can even build up the highlight. Wait a few seconds for it to melt into the skin before applying second layer. 

step 5 : time for brows! 
are you familiar with the meme 'combs her eyebrows, but doesn't comb her hair ?  well, that pretty much soms me up! I just can't leave the house with doing my eyebrows. they really do define your face. The Artistry brow kit has it all : the perfect ashy shades + all the tool you need!

My perfect brow shade was created by mixing the top and bottom color together. Perfect!

And you are ready to go! 

Prices : 


ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Highlighting Tint (€ 41,72)
ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Shimmer Powder Eye Duo (€ 54,25) 

special thanks to ibis Budget Amsterdam City South for the shooting location!

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