Monday, June 26, 2017

Especial Vibes event with Havana Club

 A while back I got an exciting e-mail inviting me and the BF to a fun evening with Havana Club Especial.  For those of you who don't know the brand, Havana Club Especial is a premium golden rum made and double aged in Cuba. it's a typical Cuban drink. Havana Club is one of the most known cuban rums. 

When we recently went to Mexico for our holiday, it was our first time visiting the caribbean and I was so blown away with the beauty of this part in the world! I couldn't get over how blue the sea was, how white the sand was and it's lush greens.
During our flight we stopped at Varadero and we also got the see cuba from above. It looked magical. I know that Cuba is definite next on my list. I would like to experience Havana and it's beautiful architecture, it's colorful old cars and the nice vibes all around. Hopefully I can make that dream come true one day! 

Cuba is a Caribbean island and well Belgium  not so much but on that day it really felt like it as well with temperatures rising to 37 degrees. Perfect weather for that carribean cocktail! 
We got an introduction to Zumba, got to make our own cocktail using the Havana Club Especial and all of that in an idyllic location. 

Our adventure with Havana Club doesn't stop there, because together we have some fun things planned. Make sure to follow me on instagram ! (@fashionwise)
oh, and here's a little tip : Paradise city Festival is coming up ;-)

Outfit details : 
Fulla bag via Maasmechelen Village 
dress : Primark 
shoes : Les Trop├ęziennes 
makeup : mostly Dior (tutorial coming soon on the blog)


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