Friday, August 25, 2017

My Brighton travel guide + top 5 things to do !

Hi Everyone,
I’ve long dreamed of visiting Brighton after seeing the typical Instagram pictures and clips of the city on my favorite stars I covet Tee & Hello October’s youtube channels. This sparked my enthusiasm for this pretty seaside town.

We had a long weekend weekend coming up so, it was the perfect  opportunity to explore Brighton.
We drove from Leuven (Belgium) to Calais, which was  a 2hrs drive to get  there 1 hr in advance for checking into the DFDS ferry. 

When we booked our crossing on their site you could opt for priority check-in and/or premium lounge. We opted to pay 15 euro’s/PP  to use the premium lounge which was described as a relaxing place with free warm/cold beverages and food. However. After experiencing it for ourselves, we don’t recommend you pay for this extra option. There was no staff to serve us. The food were 7 tiny croissant and several cans of soda and coffee/thee.  We recommend you buy food & drinks in advance and take them aboard. Unfortunately, It just wasn’t worth the money.

After a short crossing (1,5hr) we saw the large white cliffs of Dover approaching and knew we had arrived so rushed back to our car to continue our journey to Brighton.

Once we drove off the ferry and touched down in Calais, the weather cleared up. This was the sign that our weekend was going to be lovely!

You have 2 options for the drive to Brighton. You either take the scenic route along the coastline (which takes you about 2,5hrs) or the fast route which is the M20. We opted to take the fast route to Brighton because were eager to start our adventure .

Then, after a 2hrs drive, we arrived at the lovely seaside town know as BRIGHTON. We drove straight to our hotel : The Charm and were lucky enough to find parking on the street across the hotel.

We choose The Charm hotel because I’m a huge fan of their interior design and it’s great location. It’s decorated in typical US glamour style. Lots of bright colors and gold accents. We were given the basement room and much to our surprise, it was airy and bright. The bathroom was Instagram goals with all of the marble.  The Hotel lies next to THE Brighton Pier

after a delicious breakfast at the Charm, we headed to town to do some wandering around.  

Here’s my top 5 things to do in Brighton

1/ Get coffee on the Brighton pier in the blue authentic Brighton coffee cups and enjoy a stroll on the pier. Visit early in the morning because it can get crowded.  After a freshen-up, we went straight to the number 1 tourist attraction : The Brighton Pier.

2/ take pictures at the iconic band stand.

3/ Spend an afternoon  at the beautiful park of the Royal Pavilion. Such a pretty building.

4/grab drinks or dinner at Red Roaster. This café/restaurant is Instagram goals.

5/ go shopping in the lanes

Thank you Brighton, You were lovely !!!


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