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Loungeatude // Ottignies Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium

Hi Everyone, 
If you follow my blog than you know that I'm a sucker for instagrammable hotspots. Loungeatude (13/20 G&Millau) with it's pink interior is just that. Needless to say that when I saw pictures of vivid bright pink couches pop up on instagram, I just knew I had to visit. Loungeatude is located in Ottignies Louvain-La-Neuve which is just a 30 min drive from Leuven/ Brussels. 

Loungeatude is founded by Paul van Havere in 2005 who wanted to create a special place where people would feel at home, chill and where guests would have cocktails before enjoying a quality meal. Well, he  defenitley succeeded in his purpose because when we arrived, we felt right at home! 

The fireplace was lit, Michael Bublé Xmas songs were playing in the background and we ordered some special cocktails to start our relaxing evening. 

I ordered the White Xmas Mojito which was quite appropriate for this time of year wouldn't you say ? I've never tasted this twist on the classic mojito. It was a surprisingly perfect combo! 

My partner ordered the long island IceTea and according to him it was one of the best he's ever had. 

Then it was time to take place in the restaurant area which was also decorated with the instagrammable pink couches. We opted for a special Xmas menu (only available on 23/12/2017) created by the head chef Pascal Marcin. 
He is a young chef with international experience who also won a variety of awards and joined Loungeatude in 2017.  In the past he worked at restaurant “Sea Grill-SAS” (2 Michelin stars) in Brussels, at restaurant “Nico” (3 Michelin stars) in Londen, at Hôtel de Paris (3 Michelin stars) and many more.  

At Loungeatude you can opt for 2 menu choices: 
One's 47€ (wine included 67 €), The other ene option is 59 € (wine included 89 €). 
Or opt for the seasonal à la carte dishes.

Bruno Gosset is the wine sommelier at Loungeatude and he deserves a special mention. When he came to our table to explain the wines (we let him choose) you could tell that he is very passionate and really knows what he's talking about. He had some special surprises planned for us during our dinner.  His first surprise was that one of the wines he choose wasn't even for available but could only be ordered/ served by wine sommeliers. The second surprise came at dessert (further below)

menu spécial Noël ( french) 
-Foie gras de canard, anguille fumée et écume d'huile d'olives 
wine : "Kaefferkopf" Grand Cru 2016 'Alsace' 

-St jacques, chicon caramélisé, coriandre 
wine: Marin Dom Fontanafredda Ital. 2013

-Mont Blanc à la crème de manon 
champagne: FR. Juillet 

When dessert came, Bruno Gosset came to our table with a tiny bowl of chocolate mousse (which wasn't part of he desert) . He told us that before explaining the wine (a red wine) we had to take a bite of the mousse followed with a sip of the red wine. Everything would become clear afterwards. I was super intrigued, so we did what he asked. I took a bite of the chocolate mousse followed with a sip of the red wine. I was blown away,  (I'm definitely not a wine connoisseur) but I could taste that the sweetness of the chocolate matched perfect with the sweetness of the wine (almost the same taste) and I was waiting for a bitter taste to kick in from the wine (which  is usually followed ) but that didn't happen. holy moly it was divine!  Such a fun & unique way to introduce a wine!

After a delicious dinner, we returned to the lounge where I had a glass of champagne to end a perfect evening.

Loungeatude (13/20 G&Millau )
Scavée du Biéreau, 2
1348 Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve

Special thanks to Ariane Clavie,  Paul van Havere, Pascal Marcin, Bruno Gosset 


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  1. Looks awesome!!! I’m going to book a table there!! 😉


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