Monday, December 17, 2018

Discovering Bristol (UK) with FlyBMI Regional

How to get there?

We were invited by FlyBmi to explore Bristol. After a 1hr 15 min flight you arrive in the vibrant city of Bristol. Why choose with FlyBMI. You are offered free beverages and a snack on board of your flight and luggage is included. The hostesses are so helpful and friendly they actually truly care about their passengers. 

Were to stay?

We stayed at Future Inns which was located at Cabot Circus. 
This is a great hotel if you're interested in shopping, being near restaurants and bus stops without spending a fortune on an overnight stay. 

Where to Shop? 

shopping mall at Cabot Circus

Where to have drinks? 

You can find great bars near waterfront (bordeaux quay),  quakers friars and The grove. 

Bristol by night

Where to have Breakfast?

Côte Brasserie at Quakers Friars is a 10 min walk from our Hotel at Cabot Circus. We loved it because of the serious interior goals and good food for a good price. 
We even went there every morning! 

Things to do? 

Whenever I discover new cities, I like to wander around which I find is the best way to discover cute streets and corners. 

Bristol is famous for its graffiti art. You can find art from the famous Banksy. I would highly suggest to take 1 of the many graffiti tours that Bristol offers. 

The famous Christmas steps

The Harbour area  - spike island- which offers great views of the colored houses. 

You can even take a boat to cross the Avon River at Hannover Quay for just 1 pound per person. It offeres some great views and is such a fun thing to do for just 1 pound! 

If your feet are tired of all the walking, you can either take a bus, taxi brrrr take the ferry! Yes, it offers Bristol views from another perspective. It's relatively cheap and very stop has signs which allow you to see when the next ferry comes along. 

St.-Nic's as the locals say, is Sint-Nicolas Market. You can find cute little shops, food stands and just oozes cuteness. 

What you need to know before visiting Bristol?

Take the airport shuttle bus (30 min drive to town) and sit at the top deck. The bus is parked right outside of the airport, you can't miss it. It passes all of the hotspots so it gives you a good idea of where everything is before starting to plan your journey. 

There are sooooo many hotels in Bristol. So which one do you take? 
If you like shopping that choose a hotel near Cabot Circus. 
If you like exploring the city, than choose a hotel near St. Nicolas Markets
if you like to be near restaurants and bars than choose a hotel near Park Queen Square
if you like a more quite part of town, than choose a hotel near spike island

Pack your walking shoes. We did a lot of walking because unlike London there aren't any metro's to take, so the best and easiest way to go about town is to walk!

I LOVED Bristol because it had everything to offer you would need at a Xmas getaway: shopping, festive drinks & meals, sightseeing, Xmas markets, all the fudge you like to eat... and just a 1hr 15 min flight from Brussels, Belgium. 

special thanks to FlyBMi, Future Inns and visit Bristol! 



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