Sunday, September 1, 2019

My Top 5 Clarins beauty musthaves

It was about time I gave you my top 5 products that I can't live without from Clarins. It wasn't easy picking just 5 products (so yes, I cheated a bit) but after some serious elimination, here's my top 5 : 

1/ Bronzing Duo
We all love that sunkissed glow we get on our face during summer, but since summer is coming to an end, it’s time to fake that glow with this beauty musthave.
The bronzing shade is best applied with a beauty blender sponge or your fingers. The consistency of this product is so creamy that you shouldn’t be afraid of applying too much. You can still make corrections with the beauty blender or your fingers. The blush shade is a little less creamy but still creamy enough so that it blends nicely into the skin.

Clarins Glow 2 Go in 02 golden peach  (find it here)

2/ Eyeshadow duo
So I know that they are actually 2 products ( cheating a bit). But I use them together to get the perfect shimmery night time sparkle.
As a base on the moving eyelid I use : On top of that I use my finger to apply the sparkle. You could use your bruch too but I recommend a wet brush or your finger for the best results.

Clarins Ombre sparkle in 102 peach girl (find it here)
Clarins Ombre Satin in 03 purple rain (find it here)

3/ Powder
Some areas of the skin are meant to be matte in my book. The T-zone is where I apply this powder. The best thing about this powder is that it gives a very soft/airbrush finish which absorbs the grease without making your skin look too dry. This really is my god to product for that airbrush finish.
Claris Pore perfecting ratifying kit (find it here)


If you follow my blog or know me, then you know I’m a real lipstick kinda gal!

Clarins has some of my go-to shades. I either go for the stain (my fave:Water Lip Stain in 04 violet water ) when I know that there will be a lott of drinking and eating involveld and I don’t want my color to fade.
If I really want a full rich lipstick, I go for one of these shades: 

Clarins Water Lip Stain in 04 violet water (find it here)
Clarins Joli Rouge in 755 Litchi 
Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet in758V Sandy Pink
Clarins Joli Rouge velvet in 705V Soft berry
Clarins Joli Rouge in 756 Guava

5/ Double Serum

If you have dry skin, this will be your best friend. The product doesn't only smell amazing, it works too! I mostly use the double serum during the winter months underneath a daydream. It absorbs quickly into the skin, but leaves a glory finish. It's enriched with all of the good stuff and you only need a small amount so this (pricey) products really goes a long way. 

ClarinsDouble Serum (Hydric + lildidic serum) (find it here)

* note: these products were gifted, but all opinions are my own. 



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