Wednesday, April 15, 2020

My Quarantaine Easter Brunch for 2

 Setting the table
Although we're all in quarantaine, that doesn't mean that there is no excuse to whip out your nice dinnerware. Easter (and every other holiday) means that I can use all of the serving plates and nice glassware I've been collecting over the last couple of months and really go as all out as I want to!.

Unlike all of the previous festive dinners, this one however is very different because we're all in quarantaine which means we cannot invite friends or family. 
Did it stop me for having a cosy Easter, Well no!
With a some minor adjustments (aka: less food, more champers , ..) We had the best Easter just the 2 of us; I should really say the 3 of us because my little monster eddy had lots of treats too!
I always use a white linnen table cloth to start with a neutral base and add color by using flowers of accessories like colorful napkins.

woven egg basket bunny (find it here)
linnen napkin around egg(find it here)
yellow striped linnen napkins (from Target last year)

I recently splurged on these rounded serving plates and I totally obsessed by them!
rounded serving plates Piet Boon for Sera (buy them here)
The gold cutlery was an absolute steal from Aliexpress and i really liked the sleek shape of them, but loads of stores have great options too like H&M home, Zara home, etc

What to wear?

Easter means pastels for me, that why I opted for this linnen dress: Collective The Label (find it here)
I love to pear pastel with gold jewelry so I wore my new Mango jewelry with this outfit. The gold adds a touch of sparkle without it being too dramatic. Makeup wise I opted for a daytime glam with a bit more blush/ contour as i would normally do (If you're interested in knowing which products i used, le me know below in the comments and i might do a tutorial)

Long glass candle holders from The White company (sold out unfortunately)
short round candle holders bought here
small vase from h&m home

Flowers during quarantaine
I wasn't able to pick up fresh flowers in the colors i wanted to make a yellow Easter flower arrangement, so I picked some fresh flowers from the garden in stead. 

The food

The difference between a normal Easter and this Easter was that I didn't have to cook so much as it was just the 2 of us. I however still wanted a really Easter themed brunch so I cooked asparagus with chopped boiled egg and parsley. The other dish I made was a quiche with salmon, feta cheese, tomato and onion. This was so effortless to make and tasted delicious !

I always set the table for 4 although it was just the 2 of us because I find it more pleasing to the eye and I can have a meal the next day too. If I am doing the trouble of setting the table I might as well enjoy it 2 night in a row! We usually eat in the kitchen if it's just the 2 of us.

dress: Massimo tutti (old)
belt: zara (buy it here)
earrings: Mango


There's no party without bubbles, right?
Well at least for me there isn't. So we cracked open a bottle for the 2 of us.
I bought this vintage looking champagne glasses last Christmas and I absolutely love the. They are very chic. I bought them at Maison du monde, but they are unfortunately sold out.


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